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Project Description


Product insect infestation.


The complainant found traces of an insect infestation in the product, and escalated the matter to a legal adviser.


After an acute laboratory analysis of the product, instances of the ‘Litter Beetle Larvae’ were found being present.  The Litter Beetle is a common pest in the poultry industry. A chicken house provides an ideal reproductive environment for this pesky Beetle.  The presence of this beetle’s larvae in the submitted sample, would be a direct result of the product naturally feeding on these larvae in chicken houses. After consumption of poultry pellets containing these larvae, the larvae would end up in the chicken’s crop.  During the slaughtering process, larvae (or parts of it) will attach onto portions of chicken.


Extra measures were introduced and put it in place to prevent a repeat of this incident.


The complainant received compensation, feedback was provided and the case was closed.