Outbound services are provided across a wide platform of requirements. Due to the nature of these services provided, we generally supply a dedicated team for each individual project.  All the software used by the call centre agents are specifically designed for each in-house application.  This enables us to cut costs of licensing expensive products, as well as allowing us the freedom to alter any application at any time, to little/no extra expense.


Telesales and Telemarketing


We have, over the last couple of decades, conducted numerous telesales campaigns for various clients in Southern Africa. These projects range from insurance sales to newspaper subscription and cell phone package sales.

Staff turnover may

Subscription Renewals

Our most successful campaign revolved around generating renewal sales for a business publication. We were supplied a list of past subscribers. Our campaign was so effective that we generated in excess R1million turnover for three consecutive years. What made this more remarkable, was the fact that we converted each single-year subscription to three-year subscriptions. We have also handled renewals and new subscriptions for the total portfolio of newspapers and other media for the Independent Newspaper group and the AVUSA group.


Market research?  What do you need to know? 

We are continually involved in market research activities for our many clients. Our CRM Statistical Analysis provides our clients with a detailed report on all campaigns.

     Even more Outbound services…

  • Data Capture
  • Subscription Renewals
  • Product / Service and Launch / Promotion
  • Event and Service Follow Up
  • Database Maintenance
  • Debt Collection
  • Mail Order
  • Overspill Calls
  • Appointment making
  • Lead generation
  • Sales lead follow-up
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