Communication technology will continue to evolve rapidly, but there is one fact that will never change – people will always need to communicate directly with someone. Many companies realise that outsourcing their call handling can be easier and more cost effective than having an in-house call centre, and will allow them to focus on their core business activities.


Although dedicated staff for each specific project can be supplied, our inbound agents are regularly trained to multi-task across a wide range of services. This is just one of the ways we assist our clients, by cutting unnecessary expenses. Our CRM Software is configured in such a way that the agent will always have the correct information to handle each call individually. These services can also be supplied in many different languages.

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Outsourcing customer care is rising worldwide, particularly in Europe and the US. The trend is to create a balance between offshore and domestic call centre activities. Outsourcing key elements of your operation to us, will enable you to provide a better service for less capital outlay. Another advantage of outsourcing to our company, will be the supply of business intelligence which will enable you to identify and solve problems as they arise. With our advanced business intelligence, you can run your business more efficiently being able to track performance and quality control on all your individual brands and improve on future endeavors.


Our agents can be trained to supply a help desk support function across a wide platform of services. Historically we have setup the technical help desk and IT support function for Canal Walk in Cape Town.  To be able to have done this, we had to invest in agents with specialist skills and training. This service was closely monitored by the client and ourselves to ensure exceptionally high standards were maintained.

“With a little over two decades of proven consistency and balance within the FMCG market, our strength lies in developing packages to suit whatever personalised customer care solutions your market requires.”

Our extensive experience includes

  • Loyalty programs
  • Order tracking
  • Competitions
  • Sales and sales support services
  • Special promotions
  • Charity / Donation Lines