“BPO Client Services offers exceptional and prompt feedback to our entire Sasko Bakeries’ customer base who have any queries regarding our product range. All the inquiries are consistently resolved in an efficient and expedient manner, which truly attests to their motto of being “The Outsource Specialists.” We are indeed delighted to be associated with a company of such caliber!’”

Tholoana Pheko | Pioneer Foods


“Sasko Grain prides itself on the fact that we constantly strive to manufacture and distribute healthy, nutritious, and high quality products. To this end we endeavour to uphold the most stringent standard in terms of food safety and product performance. The BPO Client Services team has been invaluable in managing incidents where consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with our products – A timeous and professional response is a non-negotiable in such situations and, to this end their impeccable standard and immovable customer service has been crucial to the success of our business. The BPO Client Services team is viewed as a valuable part of Sasko Grain and their commitment is always beyond reproach.”

Danie Bower | Marketing Manager: Sasko Grain







“Parmalat has made use of BPO Client Services as a supplier of customer care services since 2000, making it a long-standing and successful working relationship we greatly value. Their services to us focus on telephonic and electronic customer care lines operating nineteen hours a day, seven days a week. BPO Client Services’ services to the Parmalat brands also extend to our other brands such as Melrose, Simonsberg, Bonnita and Aylesbury. Their staff is specially trained to be able to correctly answer questions about our products, both in terms of nutritional values and availability of products, as well as provide information about products specifically aimed at people suffering from allergies. Parmalat is committed to providing quality products and, customer care is one of our company’s core values. BPO Client Service’s first-hand product knowledge and its contribution to customer care is therefore of great importance to us and, a key part of our business. A detailed monthly report about the queries and compliments received from consumers through the customer care lines also assist us in keeping tabs on consumer preferences and feedback.”

Cathy Eve | Marketing Executive. Parmalat

“Your professionalism in managing consumer and customer complaints is commendable, always ensuring close off of complaints and managing complaints effectively to resolution. The ability to retain all information for critical complaints have aided Simba in dealing with issues directly with clear line of site into all communication made to the consumer, which has been very helpful. The concise and accurate reporting generated from BPO Client Services has been instrumental in detailing the action within our production facilities and, indeed the greater business. The overall service of logging, not only complaints but also compliments and inquiries, has great insight into the impact on consumers. Thank you for your continuing hard work in meeting our requirements.”

Nicolette Samson | Simba, National Quality Manager





premier foods new

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team on behalf of the Premier Executive for the professional and effective way in which you have handled all our consumer complaints. I know that it is not always easy working with an irate consumer, but you and your team do a great job in resolving even the most difficult situations. In addition to your liaison with consumers, your monthly CRM reporting has been outstanding. This reporting system enables us at Premier to track all complaints in a lot of detail and to follow- up and take corrective action where necessary. This reporting system is an excellent management tool. Please convey our appreciation to your team.”

Andre Naudé | Premier 


“Good feedback indeed. Goes to show we made the right decision choosing your Company! Kidding aside, your system has proved to be superior and very effective. We are delighted to have you on our team, in our quest to provide great customer service.”

Jeanne Geldenhuys | COO, King Pie