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Since the introduction of the new Consumer Protection Act on 1st of April 2011, the call centre industry has seen a drastic shift in consumer behaviour, due to the consumer being more aware of their rights and responsibilities. Quality and service levels have been scrutinised and placed under the microscope with consumers wanting more information, quicker response times and more monetary value compensation as problems arise.

FMCG companies spend vast amounts of money publishing and promoting their customer care toll free numbers. Furthermore, consumers become disillusioned when they call certain call centres and are shunted from one agent to another, when agents cannot assist the client with their product queries. Consumers often get frustrated with brands and need a resolution that will keep them loyal to the bitter end.

“The Consumer Protection Act will change the way you do business.”

Outsourcing Customer Care is no longer an option. The establishment of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) in 2011 has changed the landscape of how companies ought to view their Customer Care hotlines. BPO Client Services work together with client brand lawyers, to get the best possible outcome in line with legal requirements.